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Teatr Nowy in Poznań invites for spectacles with subtitles in English. We offer discounted tickets for visitors with school cards, student cards and pensioner cards.

26 May | 17.00 | New Stage

A production based on Włodzimierz Nowak’s coverage entitled HEAD GIRTH, using fragments of the book THE JANISSARY SCHOOL, LETTERS TO HIS GERMAN FRIEND by Alojzy Twardecki and various press and archival materials.

This is a story of the victims of Lebensborn: children who in the course of historical changes had to change their nationality, language and mothers twice; and people who defied their prejudices despite the nightmare of war, learning to live with the burden of their harrowing experiences. Young characters are vulnerable not only in the face of war, but above all – the callousness of adults who deprive them of their families and identity in the name of national agenda.

4 June | 19.30 | New Stage

In a small town lives a prayerful widow with five daughters, old mother and two maids. This story is not a fairy tale, though. The house is ruled with the widow’s iron fist, the eldest gone mad, the maids keep some secrets and the imprisoned daughters wish to leave the family. But there is just one knight on a white horse in the neighborhood…

11 June | 18.30 | New Stage

The author of the acclaimed GOLGOTHA PICNIC comes back to Poznań! VERSUS by Rodrigo Garcia is a sweeping and moving play about a disintegrating family, simultaneously united and divided by a big secret from the past. It is a work about people who live in a complex world of guilt and wrong, intimacy and hate. Versus is moreover a poetic story about truth in art and about emotions which invariably accompany the assumption of successive roles. Without whitewashing. Without compromise. Without censorship.

16, 17, 18 June | 20.30 | Third Stage

24, 25 June | 19.00 | Big Stage

The domineering and totalitarian Lear, a king, absolute monarch and colonist, gives away everything he still owns to his children, blindly imagining that this way he would retain his title and the attendant prerogatives. Rejected by his family, stripped of his possessions and dignity, he is going nuts by the hour. Is the future going to say about the past that it has understood its madness and admitted its sins? Following the gloss of the translator, Józef Paszkowski, the play’s authors transferred its setting to the 32nd c. A.D. Lear becomes a fantastic and abstract study of today’s situation of Europe and Poland from the perspective of the future. In this context Lear, both as a figure and as a constantly recreated text of culture, becomes a figure of a return to (the memory of) the past.


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