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Teatr Nowy in Poznań invites for spectacles with subtitles in English. We offer discounted tickets for visitors with school cards, student cards and pensioner cards.

4 May | 19.30 | New Stage

A theatrical story about love in the world of pop culture. A tale which became a perfect subject for a reality show. Nora, a singer, and her husband-manager agree for video cameras, microphones, tabloids and one slightly mentally unstable fan to enter their house. Are they aware of the consequences?

5 May | 17.00 | Big Stage

Guilty? Not guilty? Alive? Dead? A boy accused of killing his father waits for a verdict. A dozen respectful citizens need to decide his faith. Temperature rises and doubts deepen. Emotions prevail over rationality. Death penalty or acquittal? What will be the choice made by the twelve angry men?

16 May | 20.30 | Third Stage

In order to become a real Player, you need more than the endless hours with joystick in your hand. You have to devote something more than just time and money. You have to give your soul to the game… By meeting a spontaneous, music-loving businessman, an ex-gambler who lost everything in casinos, and a rugby player who discovered his passion for playing in a motorcycle accident, you will find out that everything of this is true.

20 May | 18.30 | New Stage

There were no curtains hung in the Scandinavian homes in order to show that their residents, especially women, had nothing to hide; that they lived honestly and devoutly. But what about the residents of contemporary homes, hiding behind the heavily curtained windows? Are the curtains hiding only their sins and minor misdeeds? Or are they hiding dreams as well, allowing the residents to break the bonds of propriety, to, if only temporarily, forget about social expectations? The Austrian playwright Werner Schwab mercilessly opens these curtains. He allows us to look into the deeply hidden desires of his presidents, the pillars of the middle class community, who, in spite of being burdened with everyday concerns, are still dreaming of love. And only behind the curtains they can safely fantasise.

21 May | 20.30 | Third Stage

26 May | 17.00 | New Stage

A production based on Włodzimierz Nowak’s coverage entitled HEAD GIRTH, using fragments of the book THE JANISSARY SCHOOL, LETTERS TO HIS GERMAN FRIEND by Alojzy Twardecki and various press and archival materials.

This is a story of the victims of Lebensborn: children who in the course of historical changes had to change their nationality, language and mothers twice; and people who defied their prejudices despite the nightmare of war, learning to live with the burden of their harrowing experiences. Young characters are vulnerable not only in the face of war, but above all – the callousness of adults who deprive them of their families and identity in the name of national agenda.


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