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Teatr Nowy in Poznań invites for spectacles with subtitles in English. We offer discounted tickets for visitors with school cards, student cards and pensioner cards.

8 May | 18.00 | Big Stage

Behold a village where the air has got still and stale. Behold a village where silence reigns supreme: no one can hear a fly buzz, the wind rustle in the rye or an upcoming cart. Behold a village with no children, where cows stopped having calves years ago and where hens lay no eggs. The pattern of birth and death has stopped. No one starts new families here. Half of the houses are empty and only the strongest have remained. None of the village dwellers is perfectly normal.
Will Zunia and Siutek’s much-feted wedding disrupt the reign of silence, rejuvenate the local community and terminate the dead season with the traditional “and they lived happily ever after”? Or perhaps the encroaching apocalypse cannot be prevented? One thing is sure: an uninvited wedding guest, evil, is knocking at the door.

16 May | 20.00 | Third Stage

A monodrama in which actress Edyta Łukaszewska inquires about freedom: where to seek it and whether it exists. In her opinion, “Totalitarianism is a state of mind filled with the fear of a nonexistent threat. I am looking for answers about what freedom is and how it matters to me. My character seems to know more about it”. The text was written by András Visky, a Hungarian poet, essayist and playwright born in 1957 in Târgu Mureş, Romania. His plays have been staged internationally, including in France, Italy, Poland and Romania.

30 May | 18.30 | New Stage

There were no curtains hung in the Scandinavian homes in order to show that their residents, especially women, had nothing to hide; that they lived honestly and devoutly. But what about the residents of contemporary homes, hiding behind the heavily curtained windows? Are the curtains hiding only their sins and minor misdeeds? Or are they hiding dreams as well, allowing the residents to break the bonds of propriety, to, if only temporarily, forget about social expectations? The Austrian playwright Werner Schwab mercilessly opens these curtains. He allows us to look into the deeply hidden desires of his presidents, the pillars of the middle class community, who, in spite of being burdened with everyday concerns, are still dreaming of love. And only behind the curtains they can safely fantasise.



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