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Teatr Nowy in Poznań invites for spectacles with subtitles in English. We offer discounted tickets for visitors with school cards, student cards and pensioner cards.

Upcoming spectacles with subtitles in english:

June 18, 19 | 18.00 | Main Stage

I’d like to invite you to the home of my childhood. It’s my grandparents’ home. A small town named Dobre between Krakow and Lublin. My siblings and I went there every year on vacation.

The home is just one floor, it stands by the woods, it has a low-ceilinged attic with loads of junk, nooks and mysteries. The door is old, wooden, it creaks, the handles haven’t been replaced since before the war. You go down the narrow corridor, hang up your jacket, take off your shoes and go into the spacious kitchen. From here you can enter the other rooms. But let’s not go any further.

Look to the left. There are two photos on the wall. We might be tempted to say that they hang there either to greet the guests, or to blackmail them with their presence. For you can’t enter this home without your gaze resting on Maks and Maksymilian. The smaller picture, on the left, is an image of St. Maksymilian Kolbe in concentration-camp striped pyjamas; the other, larger one is a portrait photo of Maks Dobrowolski, my grandpa’s brother. It’s a photo from March of ‘39. Maks is wearing a Polish police uniform, he’s just been sworn in. He’s upright, handsome, with a slightly rakish smile.

Every Pole knows the story of Maksymilian Kolbe. Only my family knows the story of Maks Dobrowolski…



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